Tallinn City`s Board of Disabled People (TCBDP)

The mission of TCBDP is to represent and protect the interests of disabled people on the local level in Tallinn.

TCBDP is an umbrella organisation for disabled people`s associations operating in Tallinn.
At the present moment 21 associations are members of TCBDP.
Of the 29 207 disabled persons living in Tallinn, approximately 4570 persons/families are members of these associations.

TCBDP supports the activities of its member associations and organises cooperation with the Tallinn City Government, various city and state agencies, other non-profit organisations and private enterprises in order to create equal opportunities for disabled people in society and to raise the living quality of disabled people.

In 2002, with the support of Tallinn City Government and on the initiative of disabled persons, TCBDP founded an activity centre in which the disabled people"s associations may arrange:
• notification and consultation activities
• training activities
• co-ordination of various services and projects
• social rehabilitation, cultural and sports activities

TCBDP is a non-profit association founded in 1997.

TCBDP is a member of Estonian Chamber of Disabled People and Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations.

Bank account of TCBDP: EE 602 200 001 120 181 691

Contact information:

Tallinn City"s Board of Disabled People (TCBDP)
Endla 59, 10615 Tallinn, Estonia
Fax +372 656 4048

Tiiu Hermat
Chairman of the Board
gsm +372 56 455 483

Mihkel Tõkke
Tel. +372 655 4161
gsm +372 52 56 560